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Eileen Kooznetsoff – Project Leader, CIS Chairperson

“I am a retired Registered Nurse and Care Aide Instructor.  Fond memories of my childhood include watching my mother weave rag and woolen rugs on a handcrafted Doukhobor loom.   I am amazed that our ancestors produced such intricate detailed fibre art items from memory with simple basic tools. Looking out through a window at the past often opens doors into the future. I believe that our generation of women is the bridge that will link the appreciation of these heritage skills to future generations who might be searching for their Doukhobor identity.

Contribution to Website:  Team leader for “About the CIS” section, Doukhobor Weaving, Needlecraft, Resources, photo selection

mary picton

Mary Picton – CIS Vice-Chairperson

Following Business College, I began my secretarial career with H.A. Simons Ltd., the consulting engineers during the construction of the local pulpmill. Later, I tranferred to the Engineering Dept. at Celgar where I worked for the next five years. After a hiatus to raise a family, I began work on a permanent part-time basis with the original Castlegar News where, over the course of 21 years, I learned different aspects of producing a weekly newspaper. Volunteering has been part of most of my adult life, and I have enjoyed both the rewards of helping various organizations within our community, as well as the new friendships that have resulted. Recently, I became a member of the CIS executive and am gaining a new knowledge and appreciation for the intricate work produced by our ancestors. Also, as part of the "Charity Bees", I find it extremely gratifying to sew quilts for those less fortunate not only in our region, but in Third World countries throughtout the world.


Nell Plotnikoff –  CIS Secretary 
“I am a retired teacher/librarian.  My special interest is in compiling and documenting heritage patterns, as well as incorporating children’s activities to the programs offered at the Centre. I am a past member of the Heritage Language Committee of the Canadian Multicultural Society.”

Contribution to Website:  Compiling fund raising and community initiatives section, proof reading, and liason between team leaders, organizing photo gallery


Paullette Markin – CIS Treasurer

“I am a retired banking auditor. My contribution to the CIS team is in administration and fund allocation. Close scrutiny to historical accuracy of our Doukhobor traditional fashions is dear to my heart. I am a member of the Kootenay Psalmists and also am serving as the 2009 Chair of the USCC Kootenay Ladies Organization

Contribution to Website:  Team leader – Traditional Doukhobor Fashion, Sewing, Recycling


Mary Pozdnekoff – Member-at-large

I am a retired government employee.  I started sewing at age ten and after having my own family, I sewed clothing for my children and husband.  My passion is heirloom sewing, machine embroidery and digitizing. I attended many classes to learn different techniques of machine sewing and embroidery as modern technology was incorporated into computerized sewing machines. I enjoy teaching and sharing with all who are willing to learn so the Doukhobor tradition is passed on.

Contribution to Website:   Team Leader - Sizzling Sewers, photo selection


Lovette Nichvolodoff – Member-at-large
I am a retired administrator after working with Home Care for 15 years. Working within a community organization has always been my passion. For eight years I also served as a school trustee for School District #9. Working with fabrics has been an interest of mine since a young age. My grandmother allowed me to sort and organize the few fabrics that she had stored in her handcrafted wooden trunks. When I was 7 years old, she also had the patience to teach me how to knit, which I continue to enjoy. All my four children sported home designed outfits, resewn from adult clothing. This is how a stay-at-home mom was able to help subsidize the family income together with raising domestic animals, gardening and preserving fruit and vegetables. Grandma now enjoys teaching her 7 year old granddaughter to sew and garden.

Contribution to Website: Team leader - Doukhobor Quilting



Lola Sherstobitoff – Photographer

I am a retired Selkirk College Administrative Assistant and worked for the Dean of International, Developmental and Continuing Education. Many hours were spent listening to stories from international students about their cultures, countries, and families, and it opened a new world for me.Travelling to different countries as well as visiting our First Nations in Canada and the American Indians, made me realize the importance of my own Doukhobor heritage and its preservation. My mom and grandmothers and all other Doukhobor women made an enormous contribution to our culture with their beautiful handiwork. My appreciation only heightened as I photographed each beautiful and intricate item. I strongly feel the contribution Doukhobor women made to our culture has to be preserved for future generations, and my passion for photography is my way of helping do so.

Contribution to Website: Team Leader – Charitable projects and activities, photography, Photo gallery




John Kalmakov - Web Project Consultant and Designer

John has been an art teacher and practising artist in the West Kootenay area since the early 1970s. In retirement, he is now an occasional graphic and web designer and is currently a key member of the USCC web development team.
"I consider it a special privilege to be associated with these dedicated members of the CIS group and am inspired by their tireless effort to document and preserve our Doukhobor culture."

Contribution to Website: Website Design






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