Cultural Interpretive Society Objectives

Our ultimate goal is to promote peace and friendship as we embrace members from the larger Castlegar community, regardless of ethnic origin or spiritual affiliation.  We all strive toward a common goal of working in harmony through sharing and learning.

Mission Statement

The Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ Cultural Interpretive Society (USCC CIS) is a group of women whose mission is to preserve local Doukhobor heritage through the arts and crafts of the culture


Guiding Principles

  • To preserve aspects of the Doukhobor culture through the training in and exhibition of heritage arts and crafts.
  • To develop and maintain a respect for the Doukhobor culture, locally and globally.
  • To maintain a humanitarian focus that makes a positive difference in lives, locally and globally.

The Cultural Interpretive Society provides:

  • A home to preserve Doukhobor heritage crafts through active sharing, teaching and learning of handiwork skills.
  • A joint venture to work towards humanitarian efforts and charitable donations to local and worldwide communities.
  • A forum for sharing collections of books and patterns
  • An outlet for craft sales (made in-house and consignment).
  • A resource center for tours, children’s field trips, living history.
  • An outlet for creative expression where groups can work in their own interest areas.
  • A boost of energy as we network with positive, creative, inspirational individuals.
  • A sense of community – everyone is welcome!




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