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Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance

The Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance (CKCA) administers and manages the Arts, Culture and Heritage granting programs on behalf of the Columbia Basin Trust.  Working with community arts councils, individual artists, performers, heritage workers and cultural organizations, the goal of the CKCA is to build long-term sustainability for artists and to strengthen and support arts, cultural and heritage organizations. The CKCA has a Steering Committee of 14 members from around the Columbia Basin, elected for two year terms.



Area I  and  Area J

Telephone    250 352-6665
Toll Free Telephone 1 800 268-7325    


Our mission is to faciltate the provision of services and to represent the residents of the Regional District of Central Kootenay in the most efficient and financially and administratively effective means possible in a fashion that meets the needs of the residents.



Columbia Power Corporation

Suite 200, 445 - 13th Avenue, Castlegar, BC V1N 1G1
Tel: 250 304-6060    Fax: 250 304-6083


The Mandate of Columbia Power Corporation
Columbia Power Corporation (CPC) is a Crown corporation wholly owned and controlled by the Province of British Columbia. Pursuant to the Columbia Basin Accord signed in 1995, the primary mandate of CPC is to undertake power project investments as the agent of the Province on a joint venture basis with the Columbia Basin Trust (CBT).


Peter and Elsie Rezansoff
President & C.E.O.


ITC Construction Group, 105-1500 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2N1
Telephone   604 685-0111       Fax   604 685-0112


Sponsored by Kootenay Savings Credit Union
300 1199 Cedar Ave. Trail, BC  V1R 4B8     Tel.  250 368-2673

Making the Kootenays Better Together



USCC Kootenay Ladies' Organization

Bread Group
Catering Group
Cultural Interpretive Society
Lapsha Group

Box 3024, Castlegar, BC  V1N 3H4             United Partnership in Heritage Preservation



USCC Kootenay Men's Organization

Doukhobor Heritage Woodcraft

Formed in March 1988, the organization shares the Arts & Crafts Centre with the CIS group but primarily focuses on woodcraft, creating traditional and contemporary furniture, caskets and fine woodwork for charitable donation and sale. They also offer workshops and demonstrations in traditional woodcraft techniques to students and the public at large.

Brilliant Cultural Centre Office -  Tel. 250 365-3613     Tel. Res.  250 365-6595



Donations of $100.00  T0  $2000


Doukhobors of Canada CCUB Trust Fund
Castlegar Community Arts Council
West Arm Transport
CANFOR Products
Kalesnikoff Lumber Co. Ltd.
Trowlex Rentals and Sales
USCC Slocan Valley Community #17
USCC Grand Forks Ladies Organization
Korpack Cement Products Co. Ltd.
Guillevin International Co.
Oglow’s Paint and Wallcoverings Ltd.
Pete’s Audiotronic
Morrison Painting and Insulating Ltd.
Doukhobor Cultural Association

City of Castlegar


Bill and Kay Trubetskoff
Nick and Ann Rebalkin
Harry and Debbie Argatoff
Bill and Mary Argatoff
Harry and Elizabeth Chernoff
Pete Chernoff
Bill and Lovette Nichvolodoff
Fred and Eileen Kooznetsoff
Nell Plotnikoff
Terryl Plotnikoff
George J. Stoochnoff

Mary Pozdnekoff





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