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Glade Centennial Celebration CIS Exhibit


July 29 - 31, 2011


Members of the Cultural Interpretive Society were pleased to take part in a historic event in July, 2011 at the invitation of the community of Glade. The occasion was the 100-year celebration honouring the Doukhobor pioneers who first settled, and began the development of the riverside oasis they named "Plodorodnoye" (Fertile Land).


Our contribution to this weekend of festivities was an exhibit emulating the interior of a typical family home from that era. A corner of the Glade Hall was turned into a scene depicting this bygone lifestyle, with a display of heritage clothing, textiles, woven rugs, and furniture.


A large 16” x 78” mounted and framed print, the professional restoration of four historic prints into a seamless image of Glade, circa 1908-1911, was on display at the Glade Hall during this weekend celebration. (link)



The family kitchen was the hub of family life, with the table being the centre of family gatherings for eating, reading and story-telling. A kerosene lamp was usually the only source of light in the room.



An important fixture in every pioneer Doukhobor household was the spinning wheel,
used for spinning flax into linen and carded wool into yarn, which was then used to create
clothing and woolen rugs.




A handcrafted wooden trunk served as a "Hope Chest" for new or future brides. This was filled with collections of various crafts such as doilies, cushions, embroidered tea towels and pillowcases, fabrics and rugs. Fancy aprons called "zanaveski", and other forms of festive clothing were also sometimes included.

Photos and beautiful shawls, designed and embroidered by former Glade resident Vera Samarodin, were displayed as an "In Memoriam" tribute to this very talented lady.



An example of a vintage bridal outfit, with heritage linen clothing in the background.
The linen for these garments was home-grown, spun (and in some cases dyed) and
then hand-sewn into items of clothing for both men and women.



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