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The Glade Photo Print




Four original 8 x 10 photos were recovered from a Doukhobor home in Veregin, Saskatchewan after it was sold. The photos belonged to Nastia Trofimenkoff, daughter of Michael William Cazakoff. Mr. Cazakoff, fluent in the English language, was Vice President of the Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood and traveled with Peter Lordly Verigin and other Doukhobor officials during any negotiations. The new owner of the original Trofimenkoff home in Veregin found them in the attic and returned them to Nastia’s son, John Trofimenkoff who felt that the USCC Cultural Interpretive Society should have them as the photos depicted the first Doukhobor settlements in the Glade Community in British Columbia. We believe that the photos were taken in 1908 -1911, when members from the Saskatchewan communities traveled to B.C. to help the early Doukhobor settlers clear the forests and build communities throughout the Kootenay/Boundary Area.


These four original historic photographs were professionally digitized, restored and stitched together into a seamless panoramic image. Reproductions of this image are now being offered for sale by the Cultural Interpretive Society as a fund raising initiative.  They are being printed on heavy weight matte archival papers in their original sepia colour and are available in the following print sizes:


4” x 20”
8” x 40”
6 ½” x 32”
11” x 56”

16” x 78”
- $1000.00
  (mounted and framed)




Print Closeup - lower left section

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