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Cultural Interpretive Society Quilters



Preserving tradition, our CIS quilters are very actively maintaining this heritage skill and, hopefully, passing it on to the future generations.  As the traditional wool filled quilt is very popular and widely used in the Doukhobor community, the CIS receives many requests for this unique bedcovering.  Many mothers and grandmothers, in preparing a “hope chest” for their daughters and sons place orders with the CIS quilters for this very special wedding gift.


As this hand quilted “natural wool” filled bed covering is preferred by many for everyday use, the CIS quilters prepare quilt tops from various fabrics, including polyester, but most comfortable are the cottons.

The CIS quilters, most in their senior years, continue to volunteer to do the quilting, but hope that their role changes to mentoring the younger generation of Doukhobor quilters.





Throughout Doukhobor history, especially in the pioneer years in Canada, Doukhobor women were very frugal and did not allow “good” pieces of fabric go to waste.  Out of necessity, they sewed small pieces of fabric that were left over from their other sewing projects.  Often they cut “good” pieces of fabric out of clothing that was outgrown or no longer in style.  These pieces became colorful quilts, sewn and hand quilted with care and love to be used by a family member or friend.

The CIS quilters maintain this tradition and continue to quilt as expressions of friendship. Recently, a special project was completed for a family of a deceased quilter friend who had started a number of quilts for her children. These heirloom pieces now remain with the children as keepsakes in memory of their mother.




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