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John Planedin

Art Auction



On April 3, 2004, the Cultural Interpretive Society hosted an informal evening honoring a Doukhobor artist and poet, John Ivan Planedin (1911 – 1997) through song, poems, and stories, but most vividly through his original paintings.  Due to the generous donation of Mr. Planedin’s original works by his family, the CIS sold these paintings in a silent auction as a fundraising event for the expansion of the working area of the Craft Centre.


This collection included many landscapes, portraits of Peter Lordly Verigin, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, sketch books, and other collectibles. The Cultural Interpretive Society was honored to showcase Mr. Planedin’s creative work, a valuable pioneering contribution to the recognition of visual arts in the Doukhobor community.











CIS members, Florence Swetlikoff and Nat Voykin are also members of the Friends in Unity Choir.
In traditional Doukhobor costume, they and other members of the choir celebrated the artist's
memory by performing a repertoire of songs that he composed.


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