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Shoreacres Community 2012 Centennial Celebration



In 1912, Community Doukhobors purchased 500 acres on the Kootenay River in the Shoreacres district of British Columbia and named the area "Prekrasnoe," which means beautiful. The pioneers cleared the forest, planted fruit orchards, vegetable gardens, hay and grain fields. They established three communal villages, an irrigation system, a blacksmith shop, granaries and barns. Life in the settlement of Shoreacres for the early pioneers probably was not much different from the other Doukhobor communities in B. C. On September 16, 2012 former and current residents as well as many visitors celebrated the centenary of this present multicultural community.

The Cultural Interpretive Society provided a glimpse into the early Doukhbor pioneer era through a display of traditional heritage items and photos on the pictorial quilt.



The family kitchen was the hub of family life, with the table being the centre of family gatherings for eating, reading and story-telling. A kerosene lamp was usually the only source of light in the room.



Two sisters, dressed in their mother's traditional outfits, reminisce about their early life in "Prekrasnoe."


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