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Castlegar Artwalk



The Cultural Interpretive Society is a member of the Castlegar Arts Council and  participates in Art Walk, an annual event held in Castlegar during July and August.  Art Walk offers the CIS an excellent opportunity to publicly profile Doukhobor fibre arts.


Artwalk 2008 - In 2008, as the community celebrated 100 years of Doukhobor life in British Columbia, our Art Walk display focused on linen items, a fabric of choice for the new B.C. residents as they grew the flax locally and manufactured the fibre into linen clothing and household linens.


Artwalk 2009 - For Art Walk 2009, the CIS display featured the intricate and artistic items created by talented women that were carefully prepared for the traditional Doukhobor hope chests.



Artwalk 2011



2014 Castlegar Art Walk - Lace Enhancements

Doukhobor handcrafted artifacts represent a significant tradition of skills brought by our ancestors from Russia. Although more recent handicrafts may have been inspired by published patterns, these heritage pieces showcase the unique talent of the Doukhobors. Some of the earliest crocheting was used as edgings and borders on woolen "zanaveski" (aprons) and bed linens, as well as inserts for miscellaneous linens and camisoles. After the 1940s, crocheted doilies, tablecloths and runners became very popular. Other household linens such as tea towels, aprons and pillowcases also had beautiful crocheted edgings.

Now, many vintage Doukhobor crocheted doilies are incorporated into creative projects as embellishments for clothing, quilts, quilted table runners, shopping bags and art pieces. The Doukhobor Cultural Interpretive Society's submission for ArtWalk 2014 was an exhibit of vintage crocheted art as well as ideas for upcycling these treasures.

As a participant in the Castlegar Arts Council 2014 summer Art Walk (June 23-Sept 14), the USCC Cultural Interpretive Society's contribution was displayed at the Castlegar CPR Train Station Museum, 400-13th Avenue, Castlegar, B. C.



2015 Castlegar Art Walk Display

This year's CIS Art Walk exhibit at the Railway Station Museum in Castlegar features Doukhobor bridal fashions from the late 1800s to the 1970s.

Included in the display is an explanation of each costume and time period, as well as a sample of the traditional "hope chest" prepared by young brides-to-be and their mothers. The setting also includes a table with the Bread, Salt and Water, and the significance of these items in formal Doukhobor ceremonies.

We invite everyone to enjoy Artwalk 2015!




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