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Doukhobor Shawl Art Cards


The Second Series - a Special Event at the Mir Centre


On November 24, 2010 the MIR Centre in Castlegar was
venue for the unveiling of the second series of Art Cards
traditional Doukhbor Shawls. Present at the celebration
members of the USCC Cultural Interpretive Society, along
featured artists Mary Makortoff, Helenne Jones, Lisa Poznikoff
Anne Nazaroff, as well as family members and friends.
A memorial tribute
was made to another Doukhobor fibre artist,
Vera Samarodin, who kindly
allowed her artistic hand-embroidered
shawls to be photographed for the enjoyment
of future generations.

Proceeds from the first series of Art Cards, featuring Laura Verigin's
shawls, provided the C.I.S. with enough resources to produce this
second series. These cards feature original borders designed and
embroidered by each participating artist and were photographed by
Society member Lola Sherstobitoff.


Price: $5.00 each or 6 for $25.00. Your support will enable the C.I.S. to produce a third series -- a documentation of shawls from our historical past.



Laura Verigin, Helenne Jones, Lisa Poznikoff, Anne Nazaroff and Mary Makortoff



Click any thumbnail to view an enlarged photo and read artist information - You can also navigate through the whole set of enlarged photos using your keyboard (left-right) arrow keys.


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