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Doukhobor Shawl Art Cards


A Cultural Interpretive Society Special Project


Celebrating traditional Doukhbobor shawl embroidery

from the collection of Mrs. Laura Verigin ...



An Afternoon with Laura Verigin


All women of action are dreamers.  The members of the
Cultural Interpretive Society had a dream to start preserving
Doukhobor textile art so that our artistic cultural heritage can be
shared and enjoyed by future generations. We do not only want to reflect on our
history, but we also want to make history as Doukhobor women of the 21st century.


In our midst, Laura Verigin, an honorary member of the Cultural Interpretive Society, is an artist and also a “keeper” of many heritage artifacts in her personal collection.  As an artist, Laura designed, hand embroidered and fringed two very special traditional Doukhobor shawls, white for her wedding and yellow/gold to wear on a trip to visit the Molokans in the United States.  Laura entrusted her shawls to another talented artist, Lola Sherstobitoff, a recognized local photographer and a member of the CIS, who through her dedication, time and effort, produced a documentation of heritage significance through photography.  These photographs formed the basis of a unique Art Card Project, funded by the Castlegar Arts Council and the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance.  The proceeds of this collection hopefully will provide the CIS with funds to produce two other series of Doukhobor Shawl Art Cards.


On October 15, 2006, the community celebrated these local artists by unveiling this work of art at the Brilliant Cultural Centre.  These Art Cards are available for sale at the Cultural Interpretive Society Gift Shop.



As a “keeper” of the Verigin family heirlooms, through a display on this eventful day Laura also shared her collection of heritage textiles.








Art Cards are also available at the Doukhobor Discovery Centre and other local vendors.



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