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The "Hope Chest"

As we reflect on Doukhobor culture and tradition, we recall that preparation of the hope chest was a prime focus for girls and young women learning new skills and crafts with visions of managing and decorating their future homes. A family, especially a mother and grandmothers, wanted their daughter to have a chest full of necessities as she embarked on her new married life. Girls learned and perfected their techniques under the supervision and guidance of their elders, often with no documentation or pattern. 

Following are photos of items that would be so skillfully prepared by Doukhobor young women, mothers, grandmothers, aunts and other relatives and friends of a future bride.



The USCC Cultural Interpretive Society is proud to share personal testimonials and stories of Doukhobor women who prepared such a hope chest – personal reflections of emotions and purpose of learning traditional skills throughout Canadian Doukhobor history.


Personal Hope Chest Stories

Marjorie Malloff - My Treasure Chest of Hope 


Sara Kinakin - The Making of a Cedar Hope Chest 

Dorothy Popoff - Doukhobor Women's Hope Chests
and Hand Crafts 1850 -2000













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